2013-04-02 12:01:16 by SamHandwiches

I'm fairly certain that Timothy Bryce and Evelyn are having an affair. Timothy is the only interesting person I know. I'm almost completely indifferent as to whether Evelyn knows I'm having an affair with Courtney Rawlinson, her closest friend. Courtney is almost perfect looking. She's usually operating on one or more psychiatric drugs; tonight I believe it's Xanax. More disturbing than the drug use, though, is the fact that she's engaged to Luis Carruthers, the biggest dufus in the business.


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2013-04-04 20:39:19

been on a christian bale trip man? I've been there before don't you worry you'll come out of it in around 6 months

...I thought I was batman

SamHandwiches responds:

Don't say that maaan, that's the sort of thinking that will end up with me watching Newsies.



2013-04-08 19:56:51

Awwwwh shit! you know you've gotta sample some santa fe up in this bitch now don't you?

SamHandwiches responds:

This is happening. I don't even care, this is going to's so clear to me now.

Dreams come true.

Yeah they do.

In Santa Fe.

The couple of minutes it's uploaded before Disney sues me will feel so glorious.


2013-08-06 22:51:54

where in the dicks are you handwiches
I need you to drop mad santa fe beats ;-;

SamHandwiches responds:

Ah shitnuts.

I tried so hard and got so far...and then it didn't work.

I do ave A NEW TRACK in the works now though. I'm getting kinda rusty, so it'll take a while, but thanks for remembering me. I'm still here :D